Il Pozzo e il Melograno
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The Sea



If you look at the map, the territory known as Finalese it’s like a triangle on the Ligurian Sea, a land between the mountains and the sea.

Besides the coast with places like Finalborgo, Finalmarina, Finalpia, Varigotti and Altopiano delle Manie, in this area there’s plenty of small villages and valleys crossed by small and big torrents. Valle del Maremola gets to Melogno, passing through Gorra. Valle del Pora gets to Calice Ligure, Carbuta and Rialto; Valle dell’Aquila gets to Feglino and Orco; Valle dello Sciusa gets to Calvisio, Verzi and Vezzi Portio.

In less than 45 min. you can drive from 0 to 1.028 m. at Colle del Melogno, where you can still perceive a slice of coast.

The scent of the air goes from the salty and balsamic smell of the cluster-pines to the fragrances of the Mediterranean vegetation.

Walking between strawberry-trees, rosemary, heather, thyme and lentisk you won’t miss a breathtaking sunset where the Alps meet the sea.

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